6 in 1 Vegetable Chopper

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"I enjoy cutting vegetables and fruits with ease now. I am so happy that I bought this gadget. The delivery came on time and was packaged very well. I would definitely buy this for other friends as a gift as I found this very useful. Thanks for the amazing service" - Tonya Mason


I’m Lindsay - a mom of 3 boys and as a family, we love spending time in the kitchen. The kitchen is our favorite place at home since we enjoy cooking, baking, laughing, and gathering in the kitchen to catch up on how our day is going. 

I personally don't enjoy cutting vegetables and fruits and I feel this part takes the longest when trying to prep healthy meals for my family.  I do prefer to buy my veggies and fruits that are pre-cut from the grocery store.

But after my son found this cool gadget, I can honestly say I do enjoy using this easy vegetable cutter. I enjoy using this gadget for cutting potatoes, onions and carrots. I'm sure that after you give this gadget a try - you will enjoy cutting veggies and fruits too!


1. Vegetable chopper with steel blades - includes vegetable slicer, potato or carrot peeler, cheese grater and a great accessory to cut all types of vegetables.

2. Kitchen Helper- This hand-held slicer is made from stainless steel & is BPA-Free. It offers all the functionality of multiple appliances with changeable stainless blades. These blades can cut through all kinds of vegetables, grating cheese, slicing potato and cutting fruits.

3. Storage in the side: It has its own container for the blades to put, never lose them or spend time looking for them.


4. Save time and money: With this kitchen cutting kit, you can save 70% time, say bye to watery eyes when slice onions and it helps you prepare food more elegantly and visually appealing for your family to enjoy!