Fruit Squeezer

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"Very fast delivery. I tried to squeeze the juice from a pomegranate and it worked great! From one big pomegranate, it easily squeezed almost 200 ml of juice. I am happy I bought this kitchen gadget" - Julia James


I’m Lindsay - a mom of 3 boys and as a family, we love spending time in the kitchen. The kitchen is our favourite place at home since we enjoy cooking, baking, laughing, and gathering in the kitchen to catch up on how our day is going. 

One day when I was in the kitchen, I had to squeeze a lemon with so much force but still failed and found it very difficult to squeeze all the juices out.

My son who always loves finding solutions - found this fruit juice squeezer online and this has made all the difference! Now I can use this gadget to not only easily squeeze lemons but any other fruit such as oranges or limes.


- You can easily squeeze foods such as oranges, lemon, bananas, strawberries and other juices. This can also be used for egg liquid separation and shaved garlic!


  • It is convenient to use and with an effortless squeeze you can get every bit of juice out of the fruit.
  • Made from durable steel material which will not rust easily.
  • Suitable for all kinds of fruit and multi-purpose use.
  • Squeezer with greater capacity that it can hold a whole lemon.
  • Heavy duty squeezer to save your time and strength.