Automatic Jar Opener

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"I struggled for so long to open jars and was tired of asking my spouse or kids for help. This gadget was a game changer in the kitchen and so happy I bought this and now I no longer have to stress" - Cindy Wellbank


I’m Lindsay - a mom of 3 boys and as a family, we love spending time in the kitchen. The kitchen is our favourite place at home since we enjoy cooking, baking, laughing, and gathering in the kitchen to catch up on how our day is going. 

There was one time in the kitchen I was struggling to open a glass jar – this time it was a pasta sauce jar as I was making spaghetti for dinner.

So I had to put my rubber gloves on and ran the jar under hot water, then secured this between my knees, held my breath which turned my face beat red and twisted with all my might then to look up and see Aiden smirking at me.

Of course, it was one of those impossible jars to open and my husband wasn’t home at the time! After Aiden helped me open this jar, he mentioned the exact same thing “Mom - there should be an easier way to open this jar that is not so stressful”  

Aiden quickly found a solution and a unique gadget online to save me from another “embarrassing” or stressful moment in the kitchen. I now enjoy using my easy jar opener but most importantly I LOVE how he is always looking to help and solve problems.

Now, this is one of the best selling products in our collection and we recommend that you buy one for yourself or a gift for someone you know who struggles opening glass jars!


- Never struggle to open those impossible glass jars and no longer have to call your partner or neighbors anymore.

- Open your next jar stress free and within a few seconds

- Time and effort saved that you can use can focus on cooking your favourite meals.


Easy To Use -This opener, only need to press a button, the can opener can fully open the can, press it again to stop, very suitable for arthritis patients.

Ergonomic design - Compact and streamlined body of the can opener gives you a comfortable feeling. It has a mini appearance, compact and convenient, easy to carry and hold, easy to operate, and is your most proud assistant in the kitchen.

Powered up by battery - This can opener gets its power source from 2*AA battery(Not included in package), battery mode makes it very convenient to create a wireless use at anywhere in your room, and makes it portable for outdoor use.

User-friendly - This can opener is a great help for people with gripping problems, best friend for elderly suffering from arthritis problem.


Material: Plastic

Battery: 2 Battery aa * (Not included)

Product packaging includes: 

1 x Electric charger

1 x Instructions manual