3 Piece Bottle Dispenser and Wine Stopper

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"The quality is good, the plastic is strong, the rubber is dense. Snaps tightly. I was very pleased." - Wendy Brighton


I’m Lindsay - a mom of 3 boys and as a family, we love spending time in the kitchen. The kitchen is our favourite place at home since we enjoy cooking, baking, laughing, and gathering in the kitchen to catch up on how our day is going. 

One time while I was in the kitchen, I needed a bottle dispenser for olive oil that was leak proof. I typically buy olive oil at Costco so it comes in a big container and I like putting my oil in a smaller glass container since I use this very often.

This unique gadget was very helpful and can be used for many different purposes such as syrup, salad dressings and vinegar.  The best part is that I can use it as a wine bottle stopper too!


-Quantity: 1x3PCS

-Oil dust proof, leak proof pourer, Wine dispenser

- Pours liquor, wine, vinegar, syrup, juice and oils.

- Pourer allows for easy, controlled pouring and prevents messy spills.

- Fits most classical bottles for olive oil, vinegar or red wine.


- Size: 1.8cm (Mouth inner diameter)

- Mouth material : food grade rubber