Electric Drink Warmer

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"I enjoy drinking my coffee and tea hot and this product is a life saver so I avoid warming up my big in the microwave. This gadget was delivered quickly and very useful as I enjoy drinking hot coffee and tea daily!" - Kristi Jackson


I’m Lindsay - a mom of 3 boys and as a family, we love spending time in the kitchen. The kitchen is our favourite place at home since we enjoy cooking, baking, laughing, and gathering in the kitchen to catch up on how our day is going. 

I drink tea every day and hate the fact when my tea is no longer hot. My son, Aiden found this gadget online and this has made all the difference! Now, I no longer have to drink my tea cold! This is a perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover!


1. Two levels of high and low temperature adjustable: blue light means low temperature heating, red light means high temperature heating.

2. Reusable and durable.

3. Small size, light and portable, easy to carry, and will not take up much space.

4. It can be used to heat milk, tea, coffee, etc.

5. Made of ABS and tempered glass, safe, non-toxic, tasteless and healthy.

6. It is suitable for schools, dormitories and offices, and it is convenient to use coasters.

7. The insulating base adopts aluminum alloy heating plate and PI heating to keep the liquid temperature at about 55°C and heat evenly.

8. The body is waterproof and anti-leakage, not only the surface is waterproof, but the bottom is also waterproof to ensure your safety.


Diameter: 120mm

Thickness: 13mm

Material: ABS+ tempered glass

Colour : Black

Line length:1.5 meters

Voltage: 110V、220V/50Hz

Intelligent constant temperature: 40° to 60°

Switch mode:  touch switch