Eliminate any cork in a few seconds

75% of sophisticated wine drinkers prefer to use our opener to easily open wine bottles vs the old method of a manual corkscrew. If you have ever had difficulties opening a bottle of wine or are suffering from arthritis, our high-quality electric wine opener has been tested against all types of corks, and this stands out as the best wine opener for removing the toughest corks.

Why not enjoy a stress free experience when opening your next bottle of wine!

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Wine Gadgets

Electric Wine Opener Jar

If you’re looking for a display piece with an equally aesthetically-pleasing foil cutter, look no further than this rechargeable wine opener set from Sharper Image. With its simple charging base, LED charging light, various metal finish options, and streamlined foil cutter, you can open over 30 bottles on one full charge. This electric wine opener is designed for use with all standard 750ml bottles and works with most oversized bottles.

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Metal Cork-screw

Our stainless-steel Automatic bottle opener quickly opens all of your favourite bottled drinks. Great for the home, the bar and the tailgate. Push down mechanism effortlessly opens and removes the bottle cap in one push down motion. The bottle cap is caught at the bottom by a magnet. Never chase a bottle cap again! Perfect for people who have repetitive motion or other wrist disorders. High-Quality and Durable. Great for bottle cap collectors. Will not bend caps. Cap can be re-used to save drinks for later, used by professional bartenders.

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Electric Wine Bottle Opener Package


Our high-quality Electric Wine Opener is tested against all types of corks, and this Stands out as the best wine opener for removing the toughest corks.

High-precision screw mechanism with strong torque

Instead of the traditional way of opening wine, the screw mechanism improves the precision of the wine stopper and the smoothness of cork removal, and placed in the inner structure of the device, and will not protrude out the bottom of the wine opener during operation—no dangers of an exposed corkscrew.

Time-Saving & Convenient

Just press the button twice, this electric wine bottle opener will automatically remove the cork in seconds, opens the bottle effortlessly, won't break the cork. This corkscrew helps you keep elegant and have more time to enjoy wine with families and friends.


Stainless steel body and a transparent shell surrounding the auger make this electric wine corkscrew become a sleek and refined tool for your dinner. The food-grade drill is made of high carbon steel that ensures long-term safe use, won’t be deformed.

Unique gift for wine lovers.

The electric bottle opener is packaged in a delicate gift box. It will be a decent and warm gift for your family, lovers, friends, business partner. Suitable for all kinds of festivals and occasions, such as Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday party, bachelor party, club, bar, etc.

Electric Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener


STEP 1. Put the foil cutter at the bottle cap, press on the foil cutter with one hand and rotate the bottle with another hand. The foil will be removed easily.

STEP 2. Press on the bottle with one hand and take the wine opener with another hand, then cover on the bottle vertically.

STEP 3. Press opening key, press down the opener slightly, cork will be pulled out after 5~6 seconds, then it will auto stop.

STEP 4. Take out the opener and press cork loosen key, cork will be loosened after 5~6 seconds, then the whole process is done.

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